Should I hire a Private Investigator or a Process Server

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March 13, 2013
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March 17, 2015

Which should you hire a Private Investigator or a Registered Process Server?

Have you ever wondered why someone would hire a Private Investigator to serve documents? There are many instances where a Private Investigator can better serve your needs, but what if you need a Process Server to serve a Judgment Debtor Exam or other documents that require registration? Litigation Investigators offers trained Process Servers that are both on our investigation team and have been Registered Process Server licensing.

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Private Investigator Both Process Server
Licensed to secure evidence for use in court Exempt from Vehicular Trespass PC 602(n) Registered to serve documents on behalf of the court
Exempt from Registration – California Business & Professions Code 22350 (b)(4) Exempt from Trespass California PC 602.8(c)(3) Authority granted under – California Business & Professions Code 22351 (a)(4)
Can legally serve summonses, subpoenas, notices and small claims documents May perform “Stakeout”surveillance & locate of subjects CC 1033.5 (4)(b) & B&P 7521 respectively Can serve all court documents without restriction
May carry Firearms (if licensed) Fees may be recoverable in judgment CC 1033.5 (4)(b) May not carry Firearms
May utilize a uniform & utilize a badge [except under B&P 7539 (d)] Plain Clothes May utilize a uniform & utilize a badge
Can access restricted information &databases Can Levy Accounts/Property Seizure
Higher Cost
(25-50% more)
Limited database & skip tracing access
6,000 Hours Required Training & Testing prior to licensing No required testing or training
Specialty Equipment for Surveillance (Spy Gear) Limited mostly to binoculars.