Polygraph Exam and Lie Detector Testing

Lie Detector

A lie detector includes a polygraph, deceptograph, voice stress analyzer, psychological stress evaluator or similar device (whether mechanical or electrical) used to render a diagnostic opinion as to the honesty or dishonesty of an individual.

A polygraph means an instrument that records continuously, visually, permanently, and simultaneously changes in cardiovascular, respiratory and electro-dermal patterns as minimum instrumentation standards and is used to render a diagnostic opinion as to the honesty or dishonesty of as individual.

Litigation Investigators offers Polygraph Exams and Lie Detector Testing for private and government sector purposes. David B. Johnson, our Certified Polygraph Examiner, has extensive training and has logged thousands of hours of exams over the years of their careers.

Mr. David B. Johnson is the lead instructor for our Executive Protection, Firearms, Security Guard, Chemical Agents and Baton training programs. Mr. Johnson has over 25 years of experience in the field, classroom, courtroom and on the range. He has performed Polygraph Exams for government agencies around the world, private parties and businesses. The use of his exams have assisted District Attorneys, Private Lawyers, government officials, business owners and other entities in making decisions in criminal and private matters of importance.

Mr. David B. Johnson is a qualified expert and has testified in courts throughout California. In addition to being a Certified Polygraph Examiner he holds qualifications as:

• Executive Protection Instructor • Firearms & Ballistics Expert • Los Angeles Court Certified Expert • Private Investigator • Security Management • Weapons Training Instructor

Some of the uses for these types of exams include:

Terrorist Activity
Deliberate dissemination of information
Intentional compromise of information or security

Family Matters – Credibility Check
Civil Litigation
Criminal Allegations
Law Enforcement Employment – Security Clearances
Pre-Employment Background (*Restrictions Apply)
Personal involvement with illegal activity
Marital, Domestic and Infidelity Investigations