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Why choose Litigation Investigators over an Attorney Service for Process Service

Our team of agents is specially trained by our founder, Sal W. Hanna, who wrote and taught a course specific to California Process Service at a local college. Since we are a Private Investigation Agency our agents don’t just knock on a door and walk away, we take the time to investigate the surroundings prior to effecting service. Private Investigators, unlike Registered Process Servers, are capable of carrying firearms and other defensive tools to protect themselves and their clients during the service of process. This allows us to take on the cases that others turn down; evasive process service, restraining order, violent party service and high risk situations. With proper training in deescalation and police academy training tactics, our servers maintain the highest level of professional standards during the service of process.

Uniformed Process Server

Sr. Special Agent B. Seeley

Process servers are entrusted with the task of serving court documents among parties involved in civil, criminal or other legal actions. Process servers are not law enforcement, but are authorized by state law Business and Profession Code §22350 and registered by their local county to serve process on behalf of the court. Private Investigators are exempt from registration under Business and Profession Code §22350(a), but Litigation Investigators is duly licensed as a California Private Investigation Agency and Registered Process Service company so that we can perform service of all court documents.

Both Private Investigators and Registered Process Servers are protected while serving process under Penal Code 243(b) (Assault on a Peace Officer) if they are performing their duties and identified as serving process. This is why we offer both Uniformed Process Service and Plain Clothes Process Service. Depending on the situation our agents utilize safety equipment designed to prevent escalation during service, body cameras to document the service of process that includes audio, visual and time stamps, and identifying markers such as clothing with our company logo, agents name, identification card and/or a badge such as the one depicted above.


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Unlike a private party serving process, a Registered Process Server (RPS) and/or a Private Investigator (PI) can gain lawful access to gated communities under CCP §415.21) and if they are denied entry to the location they may serve a security guard. This includes workplaces that have security preventing entrance to a licensee. Under Evidence Code 647, a RPS/PI carries rebuttable presumption status which means the burden of proof to challenge service is on the defendant. This is the same presumptive status that a Sheriff or Marshall carries when serving process.

Under Penal Code §602(n) and §602.8(c)(3): Registered Process Servers and Private Investigators have a limited exemption from trespass for entry and exit when serving process. This includes their vehicle and for their person, where as, private parties (such as your friends) could be arrested for trespass on a property when attempting to serve on your behalf.

Specialty Process Service

  • Civil Harassment Summon and Order (Restraining Order)
  • Domestic Violence Harassment Summons and Order
  • Evasive Process Service (Skip Trace)
  • Order for Appearance and Examination (ORAP/OEX)(fo
  • rm EJ-125)(CCP §708.170)
  • Pre-Judgment Claim of Right of Possession (form CP10.5)
  • (CCP §415.46(b))
  • Earnings Withholding Order (form WG-002)
  • (CCP §706.108 et seq.)
  • Writ of Execution (form EJ-130)
  • (CCP §699.080)
  • Writ of Attachment (form AT-135)
  • (CCP §488.080)
  • Notice of Levy (form EJ-150)
  • (CCP §699.080)

Standard Process Service

  • Writs
  • Subpoenas
  • Complaints
  • Summons
  • Motions, Orders, Claims and other documents.

Deposition Officer

We serve all of Southern California including: Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside County, San Bernardio County and Rural Areas.