Risk Management and Security Consulting

Risk Management

Continually managing safety risks for yourself, family and business minimizes your exposure.  Many security procedures fail to maintain a routine schedule of reassessment and testing of their security protocols. Many security companies and corporate structures do not have a continuation and update schedule for assessing risk and security measures. Sometimes being part of a stable team leads to being complacent and complacency in security is very dangerous. Litigation Investigators offers Risk Assessments and Risk Management for our clientele, as well as, Security Consulting.  Our team of experts are comprised of current, former law enforcement, military and private contractors with specialized training to ensure your safety.

You don’t always have to replace your security team, but you should always test them. Failures during practice can be fixed through training. Failure in real life scenarios can be deadly!

For some, risks require particular control measures. Our assessment process can help you identify where you are vulnerable to certain risks and the particular control measures in greater detail. Litigation Investigators’ recommended measures do not have to be assessed separately, but can be considered as part of, or an extension of, your overall current risk management plan. Current updates of security procedures help you mitigate your risk for anticipated attacks to unforeseen vulnerabilities.

Security Consulting

Security is at the forefront of no ones mind until a failure occurs. Don’t wait to be a victim to circumstances, contact us for a Security Consultation:

  • Computer and Mobile Devices
  • Crisis Management
  • Internal/External Asset Protection
  • Operational Security Services
  • Security Design
  • Security Reviews and Audit
  • Security Training
  • Strategic Security Intelligence
  • Terrorist Damage Assessments
  • Travel Security
  • Vehicle, Aircraft & Vessels
  • Workplace Violence Prevention