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With our access to information we can source information on approximately 95% of the U.S. population!

Person Search
Our Person Search offers combined data from thousands of different sources creating the most comprehensive collection of information about people and businesses in the United States. Data sources are updated daily and records may date back 30+ years with the most current information being indicated on our reports.

Instant Employment Search
Search over 250 million records of people connected with businesses to locate your subject in the Instant Employment Search search. Officers, directors, small business owners and possible employees are just some of the types of records you will find in the Instant Employment Search search. Results include name, title, Social Security Number, company, address, phone number, and date range.

Identity Verification

Our Identity Verification Search combines verification, validation and risk detection processes to instantly authenticate consumer and business identities, spot potential fraud or identity theft, and automatically flag discrepancies found on a person’s data, such as: Invalid SSN, SSN issued prior to birth, SSN associated with a different person, Deceased SSN, Invalid address(es), Disconnected phones (cell or land lines). Identity Verification Search gives you an information score with potential risk indicators, rather than a pass/fail designation.

People in the News
Aid your investigations with information that can’t be found in public records by accessing over 13,000 news sources.

  • Limit your search to a specific U.S. region by selecting from the “Source” drop-down menu.
  • Search for specific words you’d like included in the articles.
  • Specify the words you’d like excluded from the articles.
  • Specify a date range for when the article was published by selecting from the “Date” drop-down menu.

Email Addresses
The Email Address search, with reverse email address search capabilities, provides an additional point of contact for your subject.