Meet the Team

Principal Owner and Founder

As the Founder and Licensed Private Investigator, Professor Sal W. Hanna is responsible for education, training, planning, research, and coordination of services for all departments within our organization. As an integral part of the team, Mr. Hanna directly works with clients and agents to best ensure operational goals are exceeded. Mr. Hanna is recognized as an expert in the field of Criminal Justice, Counter Surveillance Measures, Surveillance, Security and Private Investigations. He holds multiple degrees in this field including; a Masters of Science in the Administration of Justice and Security, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. Mr. Hanna has instructed courses at Nationally & Regionally Accredited Colleges on Investigations, Security, Victimization and Behavioral Profiling, Digital Crimes and International Justice, Executive Protection, Process Service and other security industry related topics. In addition to his education he holds a license as a Private Investigator, multiple security licenses & permits, and is a Registered Process Server with Orange County (PSC 3050) to compliment his great deal of litigation experience. His Concealed Weapons Permits are valid in 35 states including California.

Professional Experts

Dr. Barry Q. Brooks

Criminal Justice Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Barry Q. Brooks has over 25 years of experience in law enforcement and was Honorably Retired from the Los Angeles Police Department. He has not only worked in the field as a Police Officer, Corrections Officer, Military Police and as a Deputy US Marshal, but he has taught and lectured at prestigious Universities. As a member of Litigation Investigators, Dr. Brooks continues to educate our field agents in various tactical and physical security procedures while offering mentor insights to the Founder and Directors.

Dr. Brooks operates in the field in these capacities:

• Close Personal Protection • Crowd Control & Special Events • Internal & External Investigations • Licensed Private Investigator • Patrol Supervisory Operations • Surveillance/Counter Surveillance • Uniform and Plain Clothes details

David B. Johnson, TIF

Firearms & Polygraph Expert

David B. Johnson is the lead instructor for our Executive Protection, Firearms, Security Guard, Chemical Agents and Baton training programs. Mr. Johnson has over 25 years of experience in the field, classroom, courtroom and on the range.

• Certified Polygraph Examiner • Executive Protection Instructor • Firearms & Ballistics Expert • Los Angeles Court Certified Expert • Private Investigator • Security Management • Weapons Training Instructor

Anthony Smith, MS/AJS

Mental Health Investigative Specialist

As a Mental Health Specialist, Professor Anthony Smith, is specially trained to perform investigations in the the mental health field. He has supervised a team of 200 at a locked psychiatric facility which specializes in the rehabilitation of individuals with criminal and psychiatric histories.

Mr. Smith has over 9 years experience is mental health case work. He has extensive training in: - Understanding Non-Violence and Victimization - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - Sex Offenders/Child Molesters - Crisis Intervention - Psychiatric Pharmaceuticals and Medication Plans - PRO ACT (Professional Assault Crisis Training) Trainer

Additionally he is experienced in training on day-to-day operations as a Mental Health Worker with work experience in Group Psychotherapy (max 500 hours), Telemedicine Counseling, and including telemedicine Counseling (max 375 hours).

Field Team Leads

Ryan Jones, MS/AJS

Director of Field Operations

As the Director of Field Operations, Ryan Jones is the Head of Security and is responsible for the Executive Protection division. He accounts for the training, planning, research, and coordination for all assignments. Mr. Jones works directly with team leaders to make sure all details run smoothly. Mr. Jones has over 9 years experience is the Security field. He has been called upon numerous occasions to work on executive protection details, bail enforcement, strike details, service of court orders and documents, award shows, and major sporting events. Additionally he assists in self-defense classes to training future protection agents. He has a Master’s of Science degree in the Administration of Justice and Security and a Bachelor of Science in Human Services. Mr. Jones currently holds multiple security licenses including concealed weapons permits covering 45 states including California, as well as being California Police Officer Standards Training (POST) PC832 Arrest and Control and PC832 Firearms Certified. His assignments have included the Emmy Awards, executives, celebrities and their family members.

Larry Khashan

Recovery Specialist

Larry Khashan has been an integral part of our Bail Enforcement Fugitive Recovery Team since the start of this agency. With expert knowledge in Middle Eastern Culture and Language, Mr. Khashan has been able to use his specialized skill set in the field to protect our clients during foreign relations and travel.

Additionally Mr. Khashan operates in the field in these capacities: • Close Personal Protection • Crowd Control & Special Events • Internal & External Investigations • Patrol Supervisory Operations • Surveillance/Counter Surveillance • Uniform and Plain Clothes details

Roger Perez, B.S.

Supervising Field Agent

Roger Perez bring his military experience to the team, as well as, his experience with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, Long Beach Harbor Patrol and various other Private Sector Security Firms. He has an extensive amount of firearms, tactical, physical security and hands on training to support his educational degree of Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

Additionally Mr. Perez operates in the field in these capacities: • Close Personal Protection • Crowd Control & Special Events • Internal & External Investigations • Patrol Supervisory Operations • Process Service • Surveillance/Counter Surveillance • Uniform and Plain Clothes details

Court Services & Legal Team

Brian Seeley

Civil Process Server

Brian Seeley is extremely patient when it comes to serving evasive parties. Unlike many Process Servers, Mr. Seeley has an extensive amount of knowledge on surveillance tactics and Service of Process. He has developed a systematic approach to serving court documents and ensuring that they are done on time and by the book. Other "Process Service" companies have been known to "knock" and "drop" the paperwork at a subjects doorstep, but Mr. Seeley ensures that each document is served by the code.

Brian Seeley understands the importance of a Due Diligence Service. On a daily basis he works in the filed with our agents in various capacities including : • Service of Summons and Complaints • Service Unlawful Detainers, 3 Day Notices to Pay or Quit, Tenant Violation Notices • Service of Court Motions and Filings • Security Patrol Supervisory Operations • Surveillance/Counter Surveillance • Evasive Process Service Skip Trace

Sandra Smith, PA

Paralegal and Registered Process Server

Sandra Smith has over 15 years of in-depth experience in collecting case-related facts, documents, witness statements, witness locates, recorded statements, photographs and other tangible items to get your case on its way to litigation. As a highly experienced paralegal, Ms. Smith contributes to the timely response to your case.

Specializing in: • Asset Searches • Client Intake • Court Research • Inspections & Legal Investigations • Insurance Policy Research • Process Service & Due Diligence • Witness Interviews & Statements