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Orange County based Private Investigation Agency, Litigation Investigators, is based in Huntington Beach, CA. We specialize in litigation, high profile clients, confidential matters, entertainment and corporate security relations, and intelligence operations.


A Team of Culture and Professionalism

Litigation Investigators is ready to mobilize at a moments notice to meet your investigative and safety needs. Our team members spend countless hours not only instructing, but working in the field with our agents to ensure the highest standards of client safety and customer service. Training courses include advanced tactical, firearms, arrest and control techniques, verbal communications and command skills, taser and chemical agents.

When searching for the right team to maintain confidential information, safety and security for sensitive matters, don’t hire the student, hire the masters. Our team is comprised of Professors, Sworn or Retired Law Enforcement, Military and Specialty Trained agents, and dedicated professionals. We take pride in our careers and focus on continued improvement in our tactics, services and overall performance as a team.

What makes you different from other Private Investigators?

Litigation Investigators utilizes seasons professionals that are additionally trained by our founder, Professor Sal W. Hanna.

Professor Sal W. Hanna actively works with all members of the Litigation Investigations team. When retaining our services you can be assured that our team is well trained, have either scholastic education and field experience, law enforcement or specialized private sector background. Unlike our competitors we offer competitive wages so that we recruit only the highest quality candidates. Our Agents receive training in defensive and tactical firearms. Simunitions (Simulated firearms live fire) allows our Agents to maintain the feeling of live fire under strenuous conditions. Firing Range practice days sharpens skill sets and allows for Agents to maintain their certification levels. Additional proprietary methodologies are also included in our training regiment. Lastly, all agents must have physical combat training and maintain a high standard of certification in our to work in the field. Our agency offers this for a few reasons; One to assure our agents have the proper skill sets prior to undertaking an assignment; Secondly, to protect themselves and our clients. As part of their physical defensive and offensive training, California Investigators Academy (Litigation Investigators training school), emphases verbal command and what is termed “verbal judo” skills. This helps diffuse potential volatile situations before they occur once again protecting our clients, our agents and any by-standers.

  • We stand by our services.
  • Yelp, Google, and Yahoo Top Rated.
  • Customer Satisfaction is a priority.
  • Continuous updates & support.
  • 24/7 Service Available
  • Fast turn-a-round time.
  • Modern Technology and Tactics.

Sal W. Hanna, Principal Owner

Professor Sal W. Hanna is recognized as an expert in the field of Criminal Justice, Counter Surveillance Measures, Surveillance, Security and Private Investigations. He holds multiple degrees in this field including; a Masters of Science in the Administration of Justice and Security, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. Private Investigator Hanna was previously an Adjunct Faculty Professor of Criminal Justice for a Nationally Accredited College where he instructed courses on Investigations, Security, Victimization and Behavioral Profiling, Digital Crimes and International Justice. He is also a Subject Matter Expert for a Regionally Accredited college where he has developed training regimen specifically for the Executive Protection Agents, Process Servers and other security industry related individuals. While working on his degree programs he was employed fifty hours a week and dedicated his spare time with Huntington Beach Police Department as a “Volunteer in Police Services.” As a Founding Father and President of the Psi Lamda Epsilon Chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association, Professor Hanna has continued to make an impact in Criminal Justice. As a continued member of the Vela Investigations Team (License PI 16567) Prof. Hanna serves as a Private Investigator, Professional Expert, Expert Witness, and Consultant. He also holds multiple licenses within California and Concealed Weapons Permits in Utah and California. These Concealed Carry licenses are valid in 35 states. Prof. Hanna is licensed as a Registered Process Server with Orange County (PSC 3050) and has a great deal of legal process field experience.

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